Personalized Tiffany & Co. Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Take a look at Tiffany & Co.’s glittering Valentine’s Day offerings – necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in gold, silver and rose gold, adorned with all manner of diamonds and gemstones. And if you’re planning on popping the question, it’s worth noting that those sparkling Tiffany True engagement rings are hard to say no to. For an…


10 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Psychologists believe that there are at least five languages of love, and offering gifts is one of the most common. If your partner was the kind of kid whose parents expressed their love through various gifts, then be sure that she/he appreciates presents more than any little attention from you. And as Valentine’s Day approaches, we…

The STF wishlist – 10 Valentine’s gifts for her

There is nothing that makes us more happy than just another reason to run the stores looking for the item that will just boost our day – if it is a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a sensual pair of shoes or a gorgeous piece of lingerie, here is our wishlist for the Love Day! Enjoy!

11 Red Lipsticks for Valentine’s day

The gifts are packed, the dress is already hanging on the hanger, the fragrance is picked up, but the main weapon of seduction, of course, is the lipstick. On Valentine’s Day, heavy artillery is on the move, the desire for color strikes everyone and the passionate, provocative and exciting red comes to do the part…..

14 Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Red – the colour of passion. If you didn’t buy your Valentine’s gift or if you just feel the need of a bit of colour here are 14 items that can inspire you in both ways!  

Hearts and Locks From Your Valentine

The colour of Valentine’s Day is most definitely RED, interpreted in all its nuances and the designers of the most prestigious houses have created sparkling bijoux and ultra-precious jewels for this special day. Adorned with diamonds and precious gem stones here is a selection of treats for Valentine’s day to give to your loved one…