Shopping For The Perfect Flat Sandals

The stars of the season are the flat sandals – they come in a variety of styles, in gold, silver and exotic leather. Here is a selection of the best Summer 2014 flat shoes. Advertisements


Life Under The Sea – 20 Pieces for Your Summer Days

Get in the mood for summer, for the ocean blue, refreshing cocktails and non the less, a glamorous look. Here are some of the coolest accessories so you won’t feel like a “fish out of water“, an under the sea life translated into our world!

Giuseppe Zanotti Launches His Debut Read-to Wear Collection

Who doesn’t know Giuseppe Zanotti? Who doesn’t dream at his sexy stilettos that since 1993 are a symbol of femininty? The superstar shoe maker thought about another way of expressing himself – his first ready-to-wear collection. Inspired by the style of hip hop artists and the biggest DJs Zanotti created a limited edition micro capsule…