Urban Safari – Romy De Grijff by Benjamin Kanarek for South China Morning Post

It’s a concrete jungle out there, so stay ahead of the pack. In the dark and foreboding Parisienne jungles there lives a shining star, an Indiana Jones of sorts the great urban explorer, Romy De Grijff. Romy seeks out and discovers the likes of the Emilio Pucci river, the Acne cliffs, Moncler Gamme Rouge ravine and the Ballenciaga boulders,…


17 Long Dresses for a Hot Summer

It’s so easy to get ready for a day out during the hot weather. All you have to do is get yourself in a long, airy, long dress and you are ready to go. White and pastel colours and even more vivid ones like yellow, red and coral, are equally fashionable.

Summer Comes To An End

As i woke up this morning and gazed  out of my window i saw tiny raindrops falling down on the roofs in a shy attempt to let us know that autumn is here. The city is still half asleep, trams are taking their courses clanking lazy on the streets that all of a sudden look different, cabs…