Strawberry Land – Fashion and Distant Lands at GUM Department Store in Moscow

This season the designers decorated GUM, the most famous shopping center of Moscow using the strawberry as a story-teller – first as a symbol of summer and then, by placing the mannequins in different countries, as a guide about traveling and distant lands. Fashion and travelling going hand in hand and one fruit that “speaks” about…


Gwynet Paltrow Unveils The Prada Christmas Window Display at Printemps

Gwynet Paltrow unveiled the Prada Christmas 2013 window at the super luxury Parisian department store, Printemps. For the event Gwynet was joined by Prada fashion house communication director Stefano Cantino and CEO of Printemps, Paolo Cesare. The window display titled Noël, Joyeuse Obsession by Prada is simply stunning. Get a glimpse of the Printemps interior!