First Look – “Validated: The Makeup of Val Garland”

In the backstage of fashion shows there is always a creative atmosphere, an ongoing process thought for months, where everything has to go perfectly according to the vision of designers and the makeup artists have to create the exact vision in a relatively short time. There is such a teamwork where coordination has to be…


Mellerio dits Meller: 400 Years Of History

It’s a story that spans 14 generations of one family, running from the Craveggia valley on the Swiss-Italian border, to Paris’ rue de la Paix, via some of the most colorful figures in the European royal history. Jewelry historian, Vincent Meylan, takes us through the Mellerio dits Meller story, in a new book from Télémaque….

Where Fashion Meets Fantasy

After ten years of scouring libraries and museums all over the world, seasoned Vogue hair stylist Laurent Philippon, releases his own anthology of styling “You could rewrite the history of human society with the story of hair” says Laurent Philippon, the author of new hair bible, Hair: Fashion and Fantasy. With the help of images gathered from all…

The Giambattista Valli Book

The designer presented in Paris his book, edited by Rizzoli. Here are some of his guest for the event.