Adot by Dennis Stenild New Beauty Shot

Photographed by Dennis Stenild; Model: Adot @ APM (@adotthegreatt @apmmodels);  Makeup: Agus Suga (@agussuga_mua); Courtesy of Producer: Sheri Chiu (@sheri.chiu). Advertisements


Dior Releases a Collection of Tutti Frutti Lipsticks

As beautiful as they are greedy, the new collection of Dior lipsticks seduces from the first glance. On one side,we have  Lip Glow to the Max, a stick of vibrant color pigments for unlimited glow. On the other hand, there is Lip Maximizer, an inflated lacquer of active ingredients for maximum volume. Step 1: drag…

Beyond The Skin – Loewe Fragrance Ad Campaign 2018

Loewe has re-branded itself and they did so by using one of the most powerful tool we have at our disposal – the body and its perfect, harmonious, enchanting form. We are all creatures of feelings and photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen caught the emotions we all feel and create “Beyond the skin“, at another level…