What fashion really is?

Well…..I belive that through fashion we give a definite shape of who we are. It reflects our  personality and character, it influences our mood and it gives form to our feelings.

Discovering fashion helps us find out what our style is, and thats what is all about! Style! Style makes us unique. In the end fashion is what suites you better, what gives  you confidence, and what makes you feel beautiful and happy – a way of life, at a given time.



No need to be a slave of trends, finding your path in a world where “different” is awesome is what personal style is all about. Fashion gives you the means to do whatever you want and to use your IMAGINATION as you please; it’s a place where dreams and creation meet.

It’s about finding your genuine uniqueness, no matter where you are coming from and where you are going, no matter what you do for a living or the age!



Just discover yourselves! Let’s do that together!

My best thoughts for you guys,

Raluca Stoica



  1. tnuttallsmith

    Great work and amazing cover photo! Thank you for checking out my work, hope you liked it.
    Kind Regards

  2. I believe fashion is like the umbrella, and all of our individual takes on the subject fall under in the form of style. Being different and defining your own interpretation of style is what makes fashion so amazing. What works for one person, will not on someone else. And that’s completely fine. When you find your styling voice, it’s a wonderful journey indeed

  3. Hey Raluca!

    I would just like to say thanks for coming by and checking out my book. I do appreciate quite a great deal more than people would imagine and hope it finds you well as well as being you something to chuckle at. 🙂

    And my WORD the pictures you post are beautiful. Yours is also the first fashion blog I have ever followed.

    Have a smashingly magical day!,

    – Christopher

  4. Hi Raluca,
    First things first, I love your name! It’s so unique. I’ve never been very confident in my fashion sense, but I very much liked your definition of fashion 🙂 I guess it’s just what we all like as individuals, yes? Thanks for following my blog. I hope that you are able to find things of interest on there. Hope you’re having a great day 🙂

  5. Hi Raluca,
    thanks for following my Blog. I liked your view of fashion as open for everyone, at any age. Fashion that celebrates all types of beauty. I Wish more and more women will love how they look and that they could find fashion more relatable to them. you are doing a great job making this happen.

  6. It is great how you define fashion. It is the way I always felt it. I actually don’t like those style coaches that try to make you fit into “your type”. I think that “type” is not only what we see as our outside appearance but also what reflects our inside. And that makes the unique style which acutally cannot be wrong since it is a picture of the whole. Thank you for following me. That way I discovered you!!!

  7. Thank you for following my blog. I write about my life, my kids, and my faith. I started my blog after the death of our 20 year old son, along with four of his friends in a car wreck August 2013. It started out as a way to let family & friends know how we were handling the tragedy. My blog had morphed into a place where I can share my life, my thoughts, my fears and my faith in the Lard Jesus Christ in the midst of suffer and sorrow, joy and laughter, and LIFE.

  8. Sandhya

    You have an awesome blog! You look stunning. I agree about expressing ourselves through fashion as we see it rather then following trends.
    Thank you for following my blog.

  9. Raluca, I am just delighted not only that you have signed up to follow my blog but that, as a result, I have discovered yours. The fashion photos are utterly stunning, and I love your philosophy that each of us should develop and enjoy a unique style all our own. Live it, I say! If style comes from within as well as without–whether woman or man–it shines!

  10. Wow! I’m quite flattered for the follow. Though I’m still at a lost as to how you came across my blog. But then, I am so thankful. And I like the pictures. Hot!Hot!Hot! I am quite a fan of fashion blogs, love to read about trends and fads. Always fascinated with the beautiful photos of people posing for the camera. Glamorous. Ironically, I haven’t followed any just yet. I don’t think I can consider myself a fashionista but I like to dress, out of my comfort zone from time to time even though I feel they’re mismatch 🙂 .

    Again, thanks. So, I guess I’d start with you. Cheers!

  11. Thank you for following my blog! I can see you have great work on your blog! In Zambia the fashion industry is just emerging, but there´s real raw talent here.

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