Macarons – Heart Dessert – Ladurée “À la folie” Limited Edition Collection

Ladurée “À la Folie” GIFT BOX of 4 chocolates – €12.50

It is hard to overdo it with the expression of feelings on February 14, both in words and in pastries. We found tender and delicious sweets for those who are going to a romantic dinner or who want to grab a dessert for a loved one along the way – “À La Folie” collection signed by Ladurée, launched heart-shaped macarons in early February, preparing for Valentine’s Day.

Ladurée “À la Folie” Limited Edition Collection for Valentine’s Day

Ladurée “À la folie” collection has designed these gift boxes of 6 and 12 macarons decorated with petals of rose. Within each macaron is a hidden message to express your most intimate thoughts to your beloved.

Ladurée “À la Folie” GIFT BOX of 12 macarons – €32.00

Ladurée “À la Folie” GIFT BOX of 7 macarons – €21.50


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