Bye Bye Wrinkles, Hello Smooth Skin! Silkworm Cocoons – The Latest Anti-Aging Discovery
Silkworm cocoons – The New Anti-Aging Natural Product

I know, maybe it is hard to belive, but the latest weapon in the anti-aging arsenal are the silkworm cocoons. Nature itself offers us the best remedies and the secret to flawless skin comes, like all non-standard cosmetics, all the way from Asia. The use of the white balls from the activity of silkworms is super simple – they need to be soaked in warm water for about 5 minutes. The interaction with the liquid is necessary in order to activate sericin and fibroin – natural proteins, which increase the protective properties of the skin and moisturize it. During the time they are soaking you just have to steam out your face and then you can massage your face with one piece or use several at once. Do so for 5 minutes staying in the T-zone to better remove the black dots too. The ball will collect all the dirt and become gray. Repeat the procedure once a week and your skin will become smooth and black points free.

Women have used oils from the cocoon as a moisturiser for over a thousand years. It’s wonderful stuff, packed full of healing properties,” says cosmetic specialist Dr Michael Pragerhe. “When you soak the cocoon, you release sericin, the substance that binds the silk thread together. This is an amazing protein, containing 18 amino acids, which will definitely help your complexion.”


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