McQueen’s Controversial Life – The Trailer Is HERE!

He was a genius and a profound influencer of the entire fashion world; he lived in a both tortured and mystic world; he surrounded himself by beauty and he received four times the British Fashion Awards – “British Designer of the Year”; he was controversial and his edgy couture expressed that very well; he was a superstar in fashion and his evocative shows gave him that title. And because he was ALL that, a much-anticipated movie regarding his life, before committing suicide in 2010 at only 40 years old, is about to come out in U.S. theaters on July 13. Until then, before you the trailer of Alexander McQueen‘s documentary, directed by Ian Bonhôte, simply titled “McQueen“.


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  1. OMG! This is awesome to know. I am such a McQueen fan. Thanks for sharing. xx

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