Water by Wang – Evian’s Bottles Got “Dressed” for Fall

Alexander Wang for Evian Bottle Design

The “thirst” for collaborations brought Alexander Wang and famous Evian together for a new cool project. The bottles of mineral natural water sourced from the French Alps come in two black and white designs featuring Wang’s bar code. 

Mineral water is about everyday consumption but [also] premium dimensions with the iconic glass bottle. That’s something that’s close to Alex’s universe,” said Laurent Houel, Evian’s global brand director. “He’s also about everyday fashion that’s accessible and approachable, but with a very strong design integrity, so we really feel it’s a great match in terms of the spirit between brands.”

We don’t just live with clothes and shoes,” Wang said. “We sit on furniture. We go to restaurants. We drink. We eat. To be able to take our brand and expand into lifestyle and work with partners that have perfected what they do is something I learn so much from and really stimulates me.


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  1. Sadie's Nest says:

    What will they think of next?

  2. Hortense says:

    Actually love those bottles!

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