Take Your Chance With Chanel – Irresistible

Chanel Chance Parfum

Chanel does not need excessive representation or excessive decor. Since 1921, when they released their first fragrance of the French brand, it gained the status of an exquisite French perfume brand. However, Chanel is conservative in form but not in content, the brand was not used to rest on their laurels and is constantly creating new and exciting products. Let me introduce you to Chanel Chance Eau Tendre moisturising body cream – a creamy, lightweight formula with unique blend of emollients which smooths on easily and absorbs quickly to provide the essential moisture.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Another surprise is Chanel Chance Parfum Cheveux – a scent designed for your hair. When applied on your hair or comb, the product will instantly wrap you in a floral trail of perfume. Thanks to the protecting formula it does not dry the hair and it can be used several times during the day.

Chanel Chance Parfum Cheveux



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