Folie de Noir – The New Givenchy Christmas Makeup Collection

Givenchy Christmas Collection-Le Prismissime Yeux Noirs en Folie

Christmas this time is different, at least for Givenchy were “noir” is the new must for 2014, a different glam, more sensual, mysterious and intriguing. The new items come in a packaging like a starry sky, – shimmering shades that capture the eye, , a dark blue ink nail polish in two variations (with and without sparkles), a transparent lip gloss – all in limited edition, of course.

For most girls shiny things become the most logical choice for the New Year, but just imagine, a female silhouette in a simple gown, glaring from behind candles and admiring the fireworks, with the most intense and sensual dark makeup, which sparkle, and sparkle, and sparkle. However the Givenchy makeup artists believe that in the most magical night of the year it shouldn’t be just your dress shining but you, all.

The “Folie de Noir” festive capsule collection where “dark” is the entertaining host will come to you starting November 4, 2014.

Givenchy Christmas Collection-Le Vernis Givenchy Foli Scintillante

Givenchy Christmas Collection-Phenomen Eyes Blue Folie

Givenchy Christmas Collection-Le Vernis Givenchy Noire Satin

Givenchy Christmas Collection-Ombre Couture Noire Sequin

Givenchy Christmas Collection-Gloss Révélateur Nacres en Folie

Givenchy Christmas Collection – Rouge Révélateur Prune Folie



  1. Faye

    This looks really pretty! Any idea where the palette will be sold in the U.S.? I can find the other pieces, but not that, and I’d really love to have it.

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