Amal Alamuddin’s Wedding Dress Revealed
Amal Alamuddin and Geroge Clooney

Beautiful Amal, lawyer and wife of Oscar-winning George Clooney, picked her wedding dress – and the name is Oscar de la Renta. Have an exclusive first look at Amal’s gown on the cover of Hello magazine set to hit the stands tomorrow. White dress, lace, pearls and diamond accents – we can only admire!


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  1. Ruth2Day says:

    I think she looks amazing

  2. inspoetry says:

    Age tells the story between youth and maturity.

  3. daniellemone says:

    The dress is so beautiful and classic

  4. alecnielson says:

    I love it. It somehow perfectly mixes simple and extravagant.

  5. elinabelk says:

    Love the dress.

  6. Just absolutely stunning, it would be so even more stunning if they didn’t over photoshop Amal and Clooney. But they are still absolutely stunning.

  7. siterinadi says:

    I’m simply amazed that George Clooney got married.

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