A New Look – Two New Anti-Aging Products of Chanel Le Lift Line

The Anti-Aging Trends Are Set by Chanel Le Lift With a New Revolutionary Serum and Eye Cream

In 2013, Chanel scientists created three Chanel Le Lift creams, based on the latest research in the field of epigenetics. This fall, the anti-aging line, “Le Lift Chanel“, has been enriched with two new products: a cream for the skin around the eyes and a serum. Both of them, the Le Lift Sérum – that improves the skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles – and Le Lift Crème Yeux – specially designed to treat the skin wrinkles around the eyes, fighting the signs of aging of the skin at the cellular level – will be available in September.

Chanel Le Lift Sérum – Friming Anti-Wrinkle Serum

The firming and wrinkle Serum treatment is valid for 12 hours from the first application. Its main components – the substance 3,5-DA, which is extracted from a tropical plant, Edulis Morning Glory – and the special compound, Resveratrol-12,  boost the production of the key ‘youth protein’, synthesize the collagen and elastin, improve the elasticity and reduce the wrinkles of the skin.

Chanel Le Lift Crème Yeux

The Cream fights against the dark circles around the eyes with the help of yeast extract, supports the muscle tone making the skin tighter, stimulates the blood circulation by maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels – the puffiness and dark circles are reduced significantly.


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