Welcome Into The Beauty Land – Christian Louboutin Launches His Own Nail Polish Line

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Line

Back in 1992, looking at one of his shoe sketch, Christian Louboutin, was disappointed that the actual shoe didn’t come out as colourful and bright as the original sketch, especially underneath, so, he took a bottle of nail polish from his assistant, who was yelling in protest, and his famous red soles were born.

Twenty two years later, the French footwear guru launches into the beauty world, with a collection of signature nail polishes in spiky bottles, strikingly tall just like his sexy heels.

The Rouge Louboutin nail enamel

Priced at 50$ the red shade – Rouge Louboutin – will go on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, and on August 6, the same shade will arrive at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and select Sephora stores, as for the other shades they will hit the stores on August 31.

About the unusual packaging the designer said that he took his inspiration from a forest of obelisks. “ If I do beauty, I have to do it my way. I am someone who likes objects.”

Items from Christian louboutin nail polish line
Christian Louboutin


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  1. Wow, think I am going to have to try these!

  2. yanethr19 says:

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    Louboutin Nail Polish….. Brilliant!

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    hmmmm thoughts?

  4. zareenn3 says:

    Love love them!

  5. nikibayard says:

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    cool 🙂

  6. kashakiss says:

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    Yeah this is not possible. I’m sure some stupid ass bloke might try and wear these things, but Shit no one unless highly confident and well trained feet can try these on. Fall Bitch! Fall…Hahahaha I can ear it now.

    1. linnydong says:

      Have you ever heard of “Fashion Is Pain”?

      1. kashakiss says:

        Uh…never heard of it. I’ve heard the beauty one!

      2. linnydong says:

        Oh, sorry, my mind has been a mess lately lol

      3. kashakiss says:

        So has mine.

      4. linnydong says:

        Ah… Life is just fucking with everyone, isn’t it.

  7. roxiefox says:

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    i can’t afford his shoes and at $50 apiece his nail polishes are extravagant also but his designs are brilliant and i have no doubt the nail polish will be up to the same standard – oh to be wealthy that i could afford such luxuries!

  8. linnydong says:

    I love this omg

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  10. Do NOT mention this to my wife!

    1. She will find out somehow : )

  11. engelsfrance says:

    Oh wow, beautiful object, beautiful photos….I would love to check the formula of this nail polish….I am allergic to soooo many things….does any one have bought it already??? Who has the ingredients 🙂

  12. shelrose1091 says:

    They are beautiful but $50 a bottle… :/

  13. WAiSTEDD says:

    SOOO beyond excited for this!

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