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Shelfish Jewels – Obsession Of The Week

Nature is an endless source of inspiration, and the magnificent sea world – crabs, shrimps and lobsters – is translated into fascinating jewellery in white and yellow gold, adorned with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. See the selection below and chose your favourite piece.


Le Vian – Sterling silver Lobster pin with Vanilla topazes, orange sapphires, Chocolate quartzes


Manya & Roumen – Brown gold plated yellow gold Fiddler Crab ring with a Peruvian opal and orange sapphires


Stephen Webster – White gold brooch with white, black and silver diamonds, sapphires, onyx and hematite


Suzanne Syz – Silver and gold brooch with a Conch pearl, Tahitian pearls and demantoids


Tiffany & Co. – Gold Lobster brooch with pink sapphires, diamonds, spessartite garnet and emeralds


Vendorafa Lombardi – Yellow gold brooch with a natural white pearl, diamonds and one cabochon amethyst


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