Balenciaga’s First Fragrance – B
Balenciaga’s first fragrance – B.

Alexander Wang introduced his first fragrance for Balenciaga – ‘ B ‘ –  a return to the roots of the House of Balenciaga (cracked bottle included) to be released in October this year. The handmade bottle, the arch crown shape (in honor of some of the creations of his predecessor) and the hexagonal shapes are pure Wang. B – the name is minimalist, as well as his creations, pure to the core as one would expect. Based on green notes, woodsy accents and having at heart lily, violet and even edamame notes,  B. is the result of Alexander’s work with the  and French perfumer, Domitille Bertier.
Anna Ewers by Steven Klein for Balenciaga

The inspiration for this scent comes from the walks in Paris, at sunset, that Wang has been enjoying since coming to Balenciaga in 2012, and the bouquet of flowers that his friend and collaborator, Vanessa Traina, brought on  his wedding day. He was also responsible for the styling of the campaign, showing the model Anna Ewers hidden behind a light veil, lensed by Steven Klein. “I wanted to portray a woman, mysterious but not restrictive,” the designer says.  A fragrance so Wang, so Balenciaga, so Paris!


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