Frida Giannini’s Dream Came True – Gucci Expands Into Cosmetics
Gucci’s First Cosmetics Line

As I was saying to you in a previous post, Gucci decided to go into the cosmetics world. It’s an old dream of Frida Giannini that finally materializes into a full line of makeup – eyes, lips, nails and skin – under the auspices of P&G Prestige, who signed a long term licence agreement with Gucci. The true fans of the brand have nothing to worry, for the Gucci cosmetics line is a high-quality one – such as the nail polishes for example – they come with a triangular brush to ease the application – the brushes are made of natural fibers. Prices will range between $ 29 and $ 69. Gucci paid a special attention to the packaging – as reported Frida Giannini, she wanted to create a product that any girl would be proud to take out of her purse – and this is exactly what happened, the elegant black and gold cases are decorated with the houses’ monograms. Together with the care for the functionality, beauty, and quality, Frida is a passionate lover of the environment, so to this regard the boxes are made of recycled paper.
Frida Giannini

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    I’d be proud to take any of these products out of my purse, talk about beautiful packaging to catch the wondering eye.

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    With so many cosmetic lines in the market I’ll be interested to see how Gucci will set themselves apart. But with a name like Gucci it’s going to have us lining up at the beauty counters to try it out. Will you be there ?

  3. amberrys says:

    Oh my goodness, how did I not know this?!!

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    Get It GUCCI !!!! Love It !!! I guess i get to add something new to my makeup kit ! I wonder will they give Us makeup artist a DISCOUNT CARD!…Hmmmmmmm………LOL..

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