John Galliano Is Back!
John Galliano

It happened in a caffe in Paris, in 2011, when John Galliano, designer at Dior at that time, was filmed in a series of racist and anti-Semitic outburst – a huge step back for the 52 years old designer, born in Gibraltar, that had to quite his position as creative director at Dior, blaming his irrational behaviour on his alcohol addiction.

Now, John Galliano embarks on a new and interesting project in the hands of the firm L’ Etoile. The Russian perfume company has confirmed via their website that the Gibraltarian designer will work as beauty consultant. L’ Etoile is one of the most powerful brands in Russia, according to WWD – and has 750 stores and more 150 firms which they are held responsible, among which are Chanel , Guerlain and Christian Dior.


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  1. I’m glad that he’s working again, but I wish that he was designing clothes. I absolutely love his work.

    1. Airydreamer says:

      Agreed I still think his works lets us dream of the impossibles.

  2. H

    – Erin O’Neil


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