Put Your Gloves On – Causse and Yaz Bukey Capsule Collection For Fall 2014-15

Pexiglass glove box and FINGERS leather and Pexiglass gloves, Causse x Yaz Bukey

Glove house Causse teamed up with designer Yaz Bukey to create an unique capsule collection of accessories – gloves with arty accents completed with matching cases, available this fall.

Causse was founded back in 1892 in Milau, France, and became part of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art network of artisan labels in September 2012, designing handmade finery in the highest quality leather for the Paris fashion house. This collaboration with Yaz Bukey, known for her coloured pexiglass jewellery and accessories, marks the presentation of the glove-maker for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. The collection features three pairs of Causse gloves and their matching cases and the theme of the line are the fingers, the eyes and the mouth emphasized by Yaz Bukey pop influences.

Pexiglass glove box and LIPS leather and Pexiglass gloves, Causse x Yaz Bukey


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