Three – A Lucky Number – Chaumet Liens New Large Colored Stones

Chaumet high jewellery house added three new rings to the Chaumet Liens Collection. The centre stones are exceptional : a 3.41 carats yellow diamond, a 5.29 carats sapphire stone in an amazing orange-pink colour, called Padparadscha and a 6.42 carats dark green emerald. The large centre stones are held together by delicately twinkling diamond-encrusted setting, with the signature crossed ribbon.

White gold, diamonds and yellow diamond weighing 3.41 carats – Chaumet Liens

White gold, diamonds and emerald weighing 6.42 carats – Chaumet Liens

White gold, diamonds and sapphire weighing 5.29 carats – Chaumet Liens


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