Chanel X Monster Headphones – More Than Just An Accessory

Chanel X Monster Headphones
Chanel X Monster Headphones

The headphones market is being revitalized and is slowly turning into a luxury accessory. It is not just an object that helps you immerse in your own world, the headphones are much more than that, being able to give a unique character to looks and personality.

The collaboration between Chanel and Monster Headphones resulted in a pair of Monster headphones and a bag whose design could not have been more Chanel than this: black color, padded skin and the symbol of the maison.
Swizz Beatz and Karl Lagerfeld

The price of the headphones and its release date has not yet been revealed. However, social networks have emerged a picture of Karl Lagerfeld with the New York hip hop singer, Swizz Beatz, to bear this piece, which will certainly become iconic in the music world and the fashion world.


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  1. emeraldwake says:

    Karl has always sense of style, i like him

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