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Marcela Velez and Melissa Losada

Marcela Velez and Melissa Losada are Colombian and the designers of M2Malletier – a brand that thanks to its creativity and high-quality, managed, in just three seasons, to make recognisable their designs, something for which most brands need years and years of exposure. The bags appeared everywhere – worn by celebrities and on the street style of the fashion week – two of the most important things in order to succeed.

The two met in New York while studying at Parsons – Marcela, Design & Management, Mellisa, Fashion Design and that’s how everything started, with a project – today it is a fully established company in which both have their role – Marcela is the business mind and Mellisa is the creative one and takes care of the public relations.

M2Malletier Handbags

M2Malletier handbags have made ​​their way into industry also thanks to the stars of street style: Leandra Medine, Miroslava Duma, Natasha Goldenberg, Natalie Joos, Anya Ziourova. All have been wearing, at some point, their designs.

The Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is inspired by their travel last summer in beautiful Capri, Patmos, Positano and Africa.

M2Malletier Handbag

Street Style – M2Malletier Handbag

Caroline Issa – M2Malletier Handbag

M2Malletier Handbag

Nasiba Adilova – M2Malletier Handbag

M2Malletier Handbag

Jessica Alba – M2Malletier Handbag

Kate Bosworth – M2Malletier Handbag

M2Malletier Handbag

Indre Rockefeller – M2Malletier Handbag

M2Malletier Handbag



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