Kids Time – Christian Louboutin’s Unexpected Colour Scheme for The Summer 2014 Collection

By now, for the new season, is almost impossible to imagine a collection of Christian Louboutin shoes without spikes. At first they were made of metal, decorating the clothing and footwear of musicians who play in the style of black-metal. However, this time that strange item finally lost all its aggression. On the background of the snow-white nappa leather, plastic colourful spikes crowded on the shoes and the other accessories giving instantly the idea of a child’s play – or some other toy, or candies.

Christian Louboutin - Pigalle Shoes
Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Shoes

However, the bright red sole and the perfect lines, the recognisable, familiar and always fashionable shape, for which we all love so passionately Christian Louboutin‘s products  – all that remained in place. If you already bought the classic black, beige or red pumps and clutches for a cocktail party – time to think about collecting and taking a close look at non-standard but very cute novelty.
Christian Louboutin – Mina clutch
Christian Louboutin – Snakilta Ankle Boots
Christian Louboutin – Sweety Bag
Christian Louboutin – Panettone Purse


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  1. The pigalle and the clutch are my faves! It’s actually a pretty colour scheme, I think !

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    Love it!!!!

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