New in Bloom – Clinique Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

American cosmetics company Clinique has introduced the – Spring 2014 Makeup Collection – New in Bloom –  fresh and funky – blush floral shades, moisturizing lipsticks, glosses, nail polishes and the updated fresh fragrance Happy in Bloom.

The blush comes in four different shades – berry, red, plum and peach –  ideal for giving natural a look, and thanks to the silky smooth powdery texture and lasting color, permanently retain their expressiveness.

Clinique - Plum Pop
Clinique – Plum Pop
Clinique - Peach Pop
Clinique – Peach Pop
Clinique - Berry Pop
Clinique – Berry Pop
Clinique - Ginger Pop
Clinique – Ginger Pop

Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm – which has become a cult-moisturizing lip gloss in a convenient wriggle pencil. Violet, peony, watermelon and orange – four luscious colors for your lips to shine.

Clinique - Pudgy Peony
Clinique – Pudgy Peony
Clinique - Mega Melon
Clinique – Mega Melon
Clinique - Voluptuous Violet
Clinique – Voluptuous Violet
Clinique - Oversized Orange
Clinique – Oversized Orange

The nail polish proposed by Clinique dries quickly and is easy to apply. But the most important difference is that it is tested hypoallergenic . Lipsticks also are tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and are suitable for owners of even the most sensitive skin.

Clinique - 70° and Sunny
Clinique – 70° and Sunny
Clinique - Hot Date
Clinique – Hot Date
Clinique - Hi Sweetie
Clinique – Hi Sweetie
Clinique - Really Rio
Clinique – Really Rio

Fragrance Happy in Bloom – limited edition – Fresh notes create a sense of purity and coolness, and floral scent trail adds feminine softness. The perfume bottle is decorated with flowers – Spring is coming!

Clinique Happy In Bloom
Clinique Happy In Bloom

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  1. Lilyrosette says:

    Lovely spring colours! can’t wait to get my hands on the “plum pop” blush and “pudgy peony” lipbalm. In my opinion they have the best lipbalms ever.

  2. Tasha Mack says:

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    All hail Spring 2014, by Clinique. I’ll add these to my Spring Haul.

  3. KhoaSinclair says:

    Very cute also!

  4. These colours look AMAZING! Will be heading to the Clinique counter soon!

  5. bellatoes says:

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  6. ashley199027 says:

    Everything looks so colorful! I cant wait to get Peach Pop and Berry Pop!

  7. I am J says:

    I’m eager to check these out. Love the colors of the lipstick!

  8. Sooo Pretty O.O

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